Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mansard drive-thru banque

At what point does this mansard freak us out? When do we collectively cry "Pourquoi? what the f. is that?"

Perhaps it is an unwanted result of my success, but I like to think I've featured so many bad mansards that the reader really won't be shocked by any mansard. I like to think I've shown you everything. Recently I've even wondered if I was *gulp* running out of material.

And then I find this gem in my email in-box sent by Dan Consiglio from Chicago to my husband and forwarded to me, passed tenderly like a JPEG baton from runner to runner.

I think badmansard has conditioned us to expect such badmansardness from a bank and even a drive-through. But, holy mother of the mansard, WHY is there a window in the drive-through mansard? Dan thought change-counting trolls resided above the drive through. A youth hostel? The bank's safe?

Thanks again Dan. You're awesome and so is your BOOK (click here).

How about the rest of you? I have friends all over the country. Won't someone from outside of St. Louis and Chicago PLEASE send me a bad mansard? It's the only way I can top this monster (*note- there is an apartment building in Belleville rumored to be a mansard-upon-mansard mid-century modern.)


  1. I love this blog. It never fails to make me laugh and laugh. You're right though. At first I thought, yup, another ugly building. I dind't even SEE the window at first.

  2. I'm in New York and tomorrow I'm going to find a corporate shill-mansard. Thanks for the plug on the book, I hope you guys like your copy.