Tuesday, April 27, 2010

sept états!

Badmansard now features bad mansards of seven states- Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Louisiana, California, and now Oregon.

Thanks reader J. for sending this mansard in Corvallis, Oregon. In St. Louis-is-a-small-town fashion, reader J. went to the same grade school as my kids. His sister lives in one of my favorite houses in St. Louis.

Please direct your yeux to some unique badmansard features. The top half of the mansard is quite box-like at almost a perfectly straight line. Also note the gentle flair of the mansard's bottom, the weirdly positioned drainpipes and teeny-tiny windows. The overgrown shrubbery draws unwelcome attention to the top-heavy mansard. And, when was the last time we saw a monochromatic white mansard?

Certainly the rest of you could get me some bad mansard pictures. Especially if you're in Ohio. I suspect there are some really bad mansards in Ohio. Nothing against Ohio. I just think it's cities are much like St. Louis and that therefore there are bad mansards.

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