Friday, October 22, 2010

Iconic St. Louis institutions with bad mansards

New category- St. Louis landmarks with bad mansard roofs. Here is Hans Weiman, where men (and women) can get their hairs restored. I think Hans may have moved locations from this location on Brentwood Blvd. But, in my mind this will always be Hans Weiman.

Funny story. Stop reading if you're not into inside jokes that happened 20 years ago in Webster Groves. I used to work at the WG pool. There was an intercom/PA system. The pool staff had a great time making up fake pages for others. For instance, after a lifeguard fell and skinned his knee, "Mr. Garth [pool mgr], Terry Crouppen of the law firm of Brown and Crouppen on the phone for you."

There are two guys. Jeff K. is my husband's boss but my old coworker. Bo K. is also a family friend. Poor Bo K, who was quite handsome, was teased for his hairline. Mind you, he wasn't bald nor did he even really even have thinning hair. But, his hockey nickname was Smoothie for his 'smooth' head of hair. Thus, the page to the hundreds of people at the WG pool by Jeff K to Bo K: "Bo, Hans Weiman on the phone for you. Your hairpiece is ready for pickup."

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