Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not a mansard, just bad

Here is some signage seen throughout the City of St. Louis parking garage at 7th and Pine. It reads, "We do not except no bill highter than a twenty." [sic] Yes. Someone wrote, printed, copied and and posted this message many times despite multiple errors- "no bill", highter and except.

There are approximately 4 people who work in this garage. The booth attendant read books and talks on the phone. The other three play solitaire in the office on the computers and smoke. They don't watch the garage or monitor the security cameras. How do I know? Because cars in this garage get broken into all the time. I am convinced it's an inside job, or at the very least, someone letting a friend enter the garage and break into cars.

I am usually very proud of the work performed by the various departments in the city. I think forestry, streets, parks and refuse do a great job. I love the Citizen's Service Bureau. I think the courts are well run, as is Gregory FX Daly's Office (Collector of Revenue) and Sharon Quigley Carpenter's Office (Recorder of Deeds). I am madly in love with the nice guy who answer the phone in the water department.

But this garage is a joke and an embarrassment. The staff is lazy, rude and likely criminal. And my tax dollars pay four people to sit around and do close to NOTHING all day, except print signs without using spell check.

I think I am going to report the spelling and grammar errors to Citizen's Service Bureau.

addendum: I am also bothered by the notice that the garage will be "locked down". First, that's a lie. Second, what is this, prison?


  1. Amen.

    Streets doesn't like my street...but refuse and forestry and parks and all those other orange truck folk are awesome (streets are too, with the cleaning and repair, and they were fun when they came to resurface, but we had this snafu with the corner property thingy...).

    And if you contact the mayor's office about a dead tree that you've been given the run around over, forestry gets moving!!

  2. report their bad grammar and their laziness immediately. when my hard earned tax dollars are wasted, i lose no sleep reporting it. i actually enjoy it!

  3. Is that Phyllis Young's ward? I'd definitely run that one up the flagpole. Ditto what you've said, re: other City departments. I would include the Neighborhood Stabilization Office in that one (at least, our NSO in the 8th Ward).

  4. @bridgett, nothing makes me happier than a big orange truck in the neighborhood. I know things will get DONE when they show up.