Friday, November 19, 2010

Philadelphia double-decker mansard

I have to admit: I was close to running out of mansard material. I scrounged through my iphoto library for a mansard I may have forgotten to post. I said a little prayer to the patron saint of bad mansards (just kidding, although I would assume would be the patron saint of architecture, St. Barbara or St. Thomas the Apostle).

A day or two later, reader Paul sent me some flickr photos for some bad mansards. Thanks Paul! This is a view of Philadelphia's historic Broad Street.

A 3 story building, 2 stories of which is all crazy mansard roof. Is it old? New? Infill? A bad facade? I'm going with bad facade over a historic building. The windows level up perfectly with the building to the right. It would appear the shell exterior scales down the original size of the windows. That never looks good. Reminds me of this building in Soulard: click here.


  1. I sent you an e-mail with some of my bad mansards; did you never get it?

  2. Looks like I got one back in August- Sears? thanks for sending and my apologies that I missed it. Are there more?

  3. We have A LOT of bad mansards in historic Belleville. I can send you some photos if you want. I think of your blog whenever I pass them.

  4. That's a bad mansard indeed.

    I'll try to remember to take photos of things like that and send them to you.