Friday, November 26, 2010

What up shortie?

A pair of oddballs on 18th Street in Benton Park. Mini-mansard Permastone craziness to the right, and an infill (?) to the left. I hate that red mulch and the overgrown yew shrubs in front of the mansard. The little place to the left is kinda cute.

Trivia: Name a street found in Benton Park, Soulard and Lafayette Square. Answer: 18th Street.

1 comment:

  1. I don't think lefty is an infill. If you look at the facade parapet wall, you'll see tell-tale signs of brick repair/reconstruction. And since it is built in such close proximity to righty, that would put it in the era of older construction. Here's a tip to determine if a house is recent (20+ years) "historical" infill or not: Look at the foundation. If it's poured concrete, it was built within the last generation. Ya' know, yew bushes must be cheap, because I see them all over the place in this town. My wife and I have two in the front yard, flanking a juniper bush. Hate all three of them. Would like to replace them with native plants and a tree, and maybe some food crops. Get to it eventually.