Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let's pause for a Lustron

Pausing for a photo of a Lustron. I grew up in Brentwood and then Webster Groves, the St. Louis hotbeds of Lustron homes. As a kid, it seemed like Lustrons were everywhere. We didn't call them Lustron homes. There weren't any conversations that went like this,

me, with "DIY Mohawk Barbie": "Hey, Erika, let's go over Debbie's Lustron home and play Barbies."

Erika, holding Barbie with a markered purple leg by her foot: "oh, really, she lives in a Lustron home? You know those were an important post WWII housing trend that will surely become an iconic architecture style."

Nope. We didn't talk like that. We called them metal houses or houses that looked like quilts. My favorite is (was?) at the corner of Ridge and Edgar in Webster Groves by Blackburn Park.
This one is on Litzsinger across from McGrath Elementary in Brentwood.


  1. I have never heard of those before.

  2. to my favorite MILF architectural babe,(don't mean to creep you out) believe it or not we have one here in the small podunk town of Bellevue, IA

    A website to expound on the subject:

    A former S. St. Louisan (from the right side of TG Park)