Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ballin' on a Budget

Northbound Kingshighway. This gentleman is evidently ballin' on a budget. I don't know exactly what that means, but I assume he is trying to live life to the fullest on limited funds.

Let's break that down. He's on a budget. Me too! This past week was a huge financial drain.
  • ran over some nails, waited too long to have the tire serviced, left work on Monday to find a flat front tire. I had to coordinate AAA to change my tire in the Met Square garage. Had Dobbs just south of the ballpark fix the tire and replace two tires long overdue for a tire change. I liked that Dobbs. But it was still $300 out of my pocket
  • taxes! OMG. We owed big time.
  • Have to put down a deposit on our vacation
  • Paid Girl Scout camp balance for two daughters
  • Spent a lot at the school auction
  • Randomly spend $60 getting my shoes fixed and $50 on dry cleaning
  • Paid remaining balance on our school 2011-2012 registration fee
  • Just took John's car in for its annual appointment (like a well woman exam for cars). Even though it has an extended warranty and extended service plan we will probably pay for that too.
Back to Mr. Ballin' on a Budget. He's also trying to be ballin'. I think that means he's trying to make each day exciting and interesting. Yes, I know there are a lot of other definitions of ballin. I'd like to be ballin' this week but I cannot. No time for ballin'. Here's why
  • I will probably be dealing with post-Easter sugar crashing all day tomorrow.
  • have to work 4 days this week instead of my usual 3
  • week includes a huge client seminar and two depositions
  • tee-ball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, hockey, dance, choir, art
  • escorting the preschool montessori to the zoo on Friday (one of my days off)
  • Audrey's 1st communion is on Sunday and must clean house, develop meal plan and make sure 4 kids and husband have the correct clothing and hair

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  1. Hmm. Ballin on a budget. Bizarre.

    Your week sounds like mine. I cannot wait for summer vacation, and that will involve having children home!