Thursday, May 5, 2011

Straight outta Compton- 3

Compton Avenue, north side of 44 behind SLU Medical School. Am I the only one who sings NWA's Straight outta Compton anytime I drive on Compton?

Weird house- looks like a nondescript 1880's building with a mansard smashed on the front. Plus new construction in the next door neighbor house. The whole scene is an architectural mismatch.

Below is the NWA video. It too is mismatched. Ice Cube and Dre talking of pimps, hoes and grabbing AK-47's of the shelf. HA!. Dre is now a successful producer and Cube starred in Friday, Barbershop and Are we there yet? (a badmarsard family favorite).


  1. I used to live on Compton and my brother would sing it every time I called him on the phone.

  2. I live on Compton, so I'm straight outta Compton every day!

  3. Awesome! I occasionally think of that song too as I drive my favorite way of avoiding stoplights on Grand.