Monday, September 12, 2011

My secret life

Writing badmansard is kind of a secret of mine. I really don't discuss it with friends, family, coworkers or neighbors. There are a few interested friends and family as well as some architect acquaintances who know my badmansard side. But work? No way. Never in all the minutes and hours of stupid office talk have I ever mentioned badmansard. And we talk about some really stupid stuff at work. Like Gordon Lightfoot and whether our previous PR guy looked like Andrew Cunanan (the guy who shot Versace).

Until I was driving around Madison with my coworker Steve and made him stop so I could take a picture. I had revealed myself. Steve was kind enough to send me a picture of a badmansard law office in West County. Here it is! And please, Steve, let's keep badmansard a secret and not mention it to Mike, Tim or Bob.

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