Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poplar Bluff

A freshly updated mansard in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. That'd be Butler County. Sorry for the poor photo quality. The sign says Poplar Bluff Realty Co.

I went to Poplar to take a deposition. It is a lovely drive through the Mark Twain National Forest. ANd finally it's safe. 67 south is now a 4 lane instead of a 2 lane. That drive used to be freaky scary. I never had the skill or courage to pass big trucks on the 2 lane. I would therefore drive about 50 mph stuck behind a logging truck. Now I can travel smoothly and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the Missouri Ozarks. Thanks MoDot!


  1. You took this while the car, didn't you?

  2. Yes, while sitting in the car but I rolled down the window. I blame my aging and dirty phone camera.