Monday, November 14, 2011

Jefferson Quatre

The stretch of Jefferson south of 44 to Gravois has some very bad mansards. This one had eluded me for a long time. Not sure why; it's either at a strange spot on Jefferson or maybe it's the trees. Strange that such a garish thing could be so hard to see.

This past weekend was a social whirlwind. I know, I know. I act like every weekend, or every day, is a whirlwind. I had 17 3rd graders over for the Mother of All Brownie Meetings. I had a friend in from out of town for a visit to City Museum. Went to a wedding and reception. Had some neighbors over for brunch where I made the Mother of All Breakfast Meats, the Sausage Ring of Saturated Fat. Also dropped the ball a few times. Forgot that daughter Audrey was coming home from dance at 3. No one home. Oops. Also the Brownie meeting was intense. I was dead set on wrapping up six try its we've been working on since last spring. Those vests needed some flair. (Office Space reference; click here).

I also had a birthday and our anniversary this past weekend. All I wanted for a gift was one hour to go for a long run. Saturday morning I took a new route and ran down Jefferson which finally gave me the chance to get a crappy iphone picture of this tar paper, pepto pink and wannabe-but-not-even-close-French blue. Perhaps it is the Mother of the Jeffersonian Bad Mansards. (click the Jefferson tag for the others).

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  1. The pink pediments are worse than the roof - you're right, it gets lost in the trees.

    I pass by the long side of this building at least once a day on my way to just about anywhere. I wish I could not notice it now.

    Thanks for the brownie-palooza. The vest is looking much better now.