Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vingt days? J'apologize.

So sorry it's been 20 days since last I posted. And I don't even have any fresh material . Only this really bad mansard local realtor Ted Wight found on the St. Louis South Side. Click here for his post. Are you reading Ted's blog? If not, you should. He has a keen eye for stylish homes (especially mid century moderns) and nice gardens. I love any blog written by a man who loves European Hornbeam hedges.

Also check out Ted's bad realtor photography. It's like the Cake Wrecks of real estate listings.

I doubt anyone wants to know where I've been for the last 20 days. But I'll gloss over some highlights: birthdays, halloweens, trip to Mizzou, kid with whooping cough (yes, in this day and age even with immunizations), some parties, 7 volleyball games, 2 basketball games and a soccer game, a Brownie meeting tomorrow and the neighbors over for brunch on Sunday.

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