Sunday, January 8, 2012

de la Ville ou rurale?

City or country? This bad mansard looks like it should be out in Jefferson County or Franklin County complete with a septic tank, munitions dump and a pack of stray dogs. I wanted to get just a little closer to check the place out (is that a lawn jockey?). I thought about driving on the parking lot to get a better picture but imagined the crunchy noise my minivan would make. Fearing an armed woman with a cigarette dangling from her mouth may jump out from behind the evergreens, I decided against pulling up to the house.

But this house isn't in the country. It's a stone's throw from Highway 44 near Arsenal on McCune street in St. Louis City. Just a slice of worn wooden mansard heaven in our city's boundaries.

Back in 2009 I mentioned my comparison of wood siding to the girls I knew in college who smoked and tanned. Neither ages very well. I stand by that comparison.

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