Saturday, January 7, 2012

Quelle Horreur! Gravois.

An open letter to Gravois Avenue:

Dear Gravois. What the hell is the matter with you? Or, really, WTF? You are a mess. No matter the weather, time of day or day of week, you are all messed up. Everything. The cars traveling on you, the lights that regulate you, the folks trying to cross you. I know Gravois means "road to the dump" in French, but it's getting ridiculous.

I must stop at every. single. light. And even though there is a light and crosswalk about every 50 feet, there are oblivious jay walkers sauntering across the street. And there are car crashes and broke down cars and cars going 50 MPH next to cars chugging along at 15 MPH.

I beg for Todd Waelterman, director of St. Louis Streets, Traffic Lights, Crosswalks and other stuff, to fix Gravois.

Gravois, you provide the most direct way for me to get where I need to go. But the lights have gotten so ridiculous that I am better off taking 55 to Germania or 44 to Kingshighway or Sidney to Grand. For now, I quit Gravois. When it gets better someone let me know.


  1. "sauntering across the street"

    It flabbergasts me as well. Who in their right mind would play chicken with a two ton object moving at 30 mph?

  2. I hate Gravois. Have you noticed, too, how the city gets dirtier and shabbier as it gets closer to Gravois? But as a diagonal, it is a fast way for me to get places. I zig and zag around instead.

  3. You tell them, sister! The street is controlled by MoDot, and they recently said the lights were timed perfectly on Gravois. What are they smoking?!