Sunday, October 7, 2012

Early memory mansard

Claychester cleaners in Kirkwood.  One of my first mansard memories.  When I was grade school age, we lived in Brentwood and my grandparents lived in an apartment in Kirkwood.  We used to drive on Manchester to visit them passing Claychester cleaners each time.  I don't remember if this was the same site but the orange lettering has not changed.

Those were fun times for me.  Holidays at their house was all about beer, white tableclothes, Blue Nun wine and laughter. It was always a fun, loud time at my grandparents.  But looking back I realized now it was a very hard time for my grandparents.  My grandfather was a marketing exec for Falstaff beer and lost his job around 1975 when operations collapsed.  Click here for the full story:  FALSTAFF    He and my grandmother had to sell their house in Kirkwood and downsize to an apartment.  Not long thereafter my grandfather was diagnosed with bone cancer and died.  Very sad.

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