Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mansard photo fail

Lindbergh Road.  

Yes, the windows are weird with the slopey overhang but it's still remains an attractive mansard so I feel bad calling it a bad mansard.  
 I know I put some really poor quality photographs on badmansard.  But some are so bad they don't make the cut.  Here are some of bad mansard photo fails.
Can't edit out the rear view mirror.  Fail. 
Bad mansard apartment buildings are a dime a dozen. I tire of them quickly. This one just wasn't ugly enough to get its own post.  

I don't know what this is or where it was.  

Rodney D. Young Insurance.  ThinkYoung, Rodney D. Young. I keep meaning to get by this place again with a better camera but hasn't happened yet.  Between Rodney D. Young and Hans Weiman, you've got the entire Channel 11/KPLR 1987 commercial line-up represented by bad mansards.  

Looks like it's sinking into the ground. 

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