Sunday, February 24, 2013

History Day

My 6th grade daughter had the history day competition this past Saturday at UMSL.  She is a hard worker and spent a lot of time working on her project.  The week before the competition she commandeered the basement to create her exhibit board.  Lots of printer anger, glitter letter, spray glue, construction paper, etc.

She didn't know what to expect out of history day.  So she was all, "I hope my board doesn't look stupid."

Imagine her surprise when she her project was chosen as a finalist.  Suddenly she revealed herself.  No longer was she just happy to be there and get it over with.  Oh no.  She wanted to WIN and go to state.  But she didn't.  Her friend got second place.  Kay didn't get anything.  And while she should have been proud to have been selected as a finalist, she was PISSED.  Kind of like the time she had two goals in soccer but instead of being happy, she was upset she didn't get a hat trick.

So she was really pissed when I stopped to take a picture a bad mansard church.  Here is the Normandy United Methodist Church on Natural Bridge Road next to the UMSL campus.  Pretty weird juxtaposition of the old church and ugly add on mansard.  Sorry about all the extra snow in the picture.

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