Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mansard help!

This is 2162 Geyer in the McKinley Heights neighborhood at the intersection of Geyer and Missouri.  Waverly Place Associates (maybe affiliated with YEHS?) has owned the place since 1985.  This mansard looks to be well-secured and dry; someone seems to give a semi-shit about it.  

I think this place would be a fan-freaking-tastic if rehabbed.  Looks to be about 4000 square feet.  Nice little corner lot with part of an extra lot.  Intact cornice, brackets, molding, etc.  Anyone know more about this house or its owners?  What's with the little side door?  Sorry, J'ai plus questions than answers.  It's an intriguing grande mansard.  


  1. That is an intriguing little side door. I wish they'd do something with the place.

  2. Yes, Waverly Place Associates is a fictitious name used by a group of owners overlapping with YEHS' leadership.

  3. who is YEHS? a quick google brings up Youth Education, Health in Soulard... is that the one? i hope this home isn't in any danger - it's too beautiful!


  4. Adam, YEHS = Youth Education Health in Soulard. I don't think the home is in danger. It looks secure and the roof is intact. I would just prefer it be rehabbed because it is so huge and cool.