Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sidney Street shout-out #2

Here's another great mansard on Sidney.  Mark my words:  Sidney will soon have the same hip factor as McPherson in the CWE or Park Avenue in Lafayette Square.  Sidney goes from the Mississippi River and dead ends at Grand.  Its best parts straddle Soulard and Benton Park.

This storefront recently won an award for its excellent rehab.  I think it's great:  the cute little storefront, the french blue and yellow, etc. 

The problem with Sidney:  a bunch of crap rental absentee owners plaguing Sidney between 12th and 13th.  More on that later.  I'm being positive this week.  


  1. Agh! My RSS feed for your site forgot to tell me you'd been writing. For like two weeks. I have to catch up...

  2. Just before Nikki and I got married, we drove around Sidney, because there was an apartment for rent. It rented before we could move on it, but love the street. You're right about the absentee landlord factor. One company in particular (that's been divesting its portfolio) has way too many overpriced properties, with a not-so-stellar record of managing them.