Saturday, August 8, 2009

Straight outta Compton- 2

A Compton Heights lovely.  My novice impression of the architectural style:  Richardsonian (stone front) meets Spanish  (tile roof) meets 2nd Empires (mansard roof).   One day people- 63104mom will pack up the badmansard husband and children and move to Compton Heights.  I wouldn't even have change my 63104mom handle.

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  1. Looks like this house had some smart owners who didn't get taken by the asphalt shingle salesman. "Yeah, sure, that old tile roof is looking rather dowdy. You should replace it with something modern." "But, it's in perfect condition, and the tile will last forever. Why would I want to replace it with a roof which I'll need to replace, again, in 20 years?" One of my brothers was driving by a house a few months ago which was getting a new roof, etc. Except the old tile roof was apparently in good condition. The workers are simply throwing, yes throwing, the tiles onto the ground. Some of the tiles included the types which were hung vertically on dormer and bay wondows. Very valuable. So, he shouts out of the window of his car, "Hey, you know those tiles can sell for up to fifty dollars apiece, don't you?" (Rakes can go for 25-30 dollars, field tiles for 10-20) The last thing he saw was the owner, apparently a bit miffed, lay into the contractor, having realized that he was watching his money being smashed right before his eyes. Ya' had to be there, I guess.