Tuesday, March 27, 2012

at the Island

Here are the badmansard kids at Soulard's newest frozen yogurt place, the Island. The Island is so named due to the Soulard neighborhood being somewhat of an island, cut off from surrounding neighborhoods by Broadway, Highway 55, Gravois, etc. We walked to the Island on our way to Pontiac Park.

The Island is located on Russell near Menard in the space formerly occupied by Paste. It is like Fro-yo or Yo My Goodness in that you add crazy toppings to your yogurt and your purchase is weighed by the ounce. According to my resident frozen yogurt expert Audrey, the price per ounce at the Island is much less than her former go-to spot Fro-yo.

I had a raspberry pomegranate yogurt and it was quite good. We spent about $13 for 5 of us. The kids concocted bizarre yogurt/gummy bear/m+m/fruit cups.

The lady behind the counter was helpful and sweet. The decor was cute. I hope this place does well. I love having an ice cream shop in Soulard. The last place I had for ice cream was the DQ on 7th Street and that closed abruptly about 3 years ago.

Go get yourself some Island frozen yogurt!

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