Saturday, March 24, 2012

Don't go back to Oakville

This is directly across from Oakville High School on Millburn Road in South County. My daughter Audrey is doing a volleyball clinic in the gym. I had never been to Oakville High School before. Getting down there (Mehl Road to Yaeger to Millburn) was like driving down the yellow brick road of bad mansards. They were every where.

In high school (Webster Groves class of 1989), we used to play against Oakville. I had very little school spirit, but one cheer I could always get behind was singing REM's Don't Go Back to Rockville as Don't Go Back to Oakville. Which really made no sense considering wouldn't you want the opposing team to eventually go back from where they came? Nonetheless, it was a cheer for the reluctant Statesman, especially since it was from REM's Reckoning, one of the last good albums before REM started to suck.

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