Friday, March 30, 2012

Benton Park évasion de feu

That's Benton Park fire escape. This neglected but lovely friend sits on Utah in the southern part of Benton Park. You can barely see its facade due to the fire escape, brick veneer, grates, bad door, plywood and overgrown vines (are those trumpet vine? euonymus? it doesn't look like ivy).

It's for sale and evidently this place is so bad it takes 4 realtors* to try to move the place.

It does have great potential so I hope it finds a buyer.

*spell check wants me to capitalize realtor. Tell you what- I'll capitalize realtor once we start capitalizing other relevant professions like Art Director, Lawyer, Police Officer and Garbage Collector.


  1. We bought our house from Tari and her then business partner Lynne.... hopefully they can move this one!

  2. “Realtor” is a trademark!

    But yeah, that building needs a good renovation.

  3. I'm with ya on realtor--should it be real estate agent? Surely that doesn't need a capital letter.

    I think the vine is what my neighbor calls boston ivy. I have it on a fence. It's relatively weak, as ivy goes (Easy to control).