Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting the stop sign back

A few weeks ago the city removed a stop sign at the intersection of 12th and Victor. I have no idea why. I think I saw a car counting box on Victor (is that what it's called? one of those strips attached to a box where you drive over it and it counts cars). I doubt many CARS come across 12th/ Victor right there. But lots of PEOPLE use that intersection which is not surprising considering there is a church, school, grocery store and cluster of businesses on the block.

Clearly the south Soulardians complained and we got our stop sign back. I must not have been the only one complaining. I called citizen's service bureau at 9 am and that same morning the temp stop sign went in. I really, really doubt the city's street department is that fast.

In my continuing theme of city kid pictures, here is my youngest Mimi underneath her school's dragon sculpture (a Bob Cassilly original). She's in the middle. Her friends are two of a set of triplets and the boys look almost identical although she is certain the boy is O.


  1. Our school mounted an email campaign after several families were almost hit at that intersection... One was a pedestrian. No reason not to have stop there.

  2. I THOUGHT there used to be one there, and I did one of those roll and go stops as I turned and lo and behold, a car coming towards me nearly hit me. My negligence for not noticing, but when it's part of your normal haunts?